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designed by Jim Dougherty

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Hartford City Jail

February 10, 2011
LEACH Trailer 1 released.

May 2012 - Leach review by Son of Celluloid

May 2012 - Leach screened at the MayDay Film Festival. Awards for Cinematography and Sound Design.

October 2011 - Leach screened as part of the GIF Festival.

January 2011
The Independent Critic review of LEACH.

August 2010
The Record Herald article East Coast pre-screening of LEACH.

August 2010
Rogue Cinema Reviews LEACH

October 2009 - Madison Magazine published on the production of Leach

July 2009
Herald Bulletin interview with Leach Director John Taylor and actor Jim Dougherty to talk about independent film in Central Indiana.

DP Matt Stahley recorded the interview below during a live broadcast on WHBU. Radio host Leland Franklin interviews John Taylor, Thomas J. Smith, Matt Stahley, Libby McDermott, and Jim Dougherty.

Leach crew radio interview from Matt S. on Vimeo.

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